XP GOLD Batea KIT – Gold prospecting panning kit

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XP Metal Detectors are launching a brand-new range of Gold Prospecting products. Take your Gold hunting to another level with our new range of XP Pans / Classifiers / Accessories. The XP Gold prospecting kit will be the perfect addition to your ORX metal detector that has proven to be one of the most efficient Gold detectors available on today’s market, offering performance and value for money. The XP Gold Pans, Classifiers and accessories offer the same outstanding quality found in all XP products. To get the BEST results you need to use the BEST kit!

XP Metal Detectors have worked alongside some of the industries most respected gold prospecting professionals, they have helped design and develop our Gold Panning kits, to ensure you have the very best equipment in your hands.

Are you ready for a new adventure?



z4 panning zones

1. XP Unique “Snakeskin” texture benefits your panning process. It offers a higher efficiency when compared to the conventional pans. Ideal for trapping fine gold during the final finishing stage.

2. Large 90° riffles: are used for the first clearing step. Ideal for washing and capturing large to medium-sized gold.
3. Mini riffles: allow a higher level of separation between sand and gold. Trap small gold dust leaving the sand drain away.

4. Sandy zone: is used with the conventional pans to separate fine gold. The XP snakeskin texture can often be more successfullogo box pan-02



Complementary to yellow, blue offers the best contrast with the gold. The XP blue colour will help you to identify gold in the pan.

Included in the XP Gold Batea Kit


The first rigid plastic batea equipped with a stainless steel defragmenter which quickly breaks down compacted material. The deep collection cup helps to keep the gold in the middle of the batea.


  • DEFRAGMENTER: The stainless steel defragmenter quickly breaks down compacted material.
  • DEEP COLLECTION: Helps to keep the gold in the center of the Batea.
  • HONEYCOMB DESIGN: Contoured vein for better grip
  • LARGE DIAMETER :(50 m – 20’’) compatible for competition
  • GLASS FIBER COMPOSITE: Rigid construction, lighter than a steel Batea (800G VS 2KG)
  • BLUE OPTIMAL CONTRAST: Complementary to yellow, blue offers the best contrast with the gold. The XP blue color will help you to identify gold in the pan or the Batea.

batea in use


XP BATEA – 50 cm – 20″

XP Gold Batea 20 inch>


XP Gold Batea defragmenter 20 inch>

XP GOLD CLASSIFIER #10  37 cm – 15’’

The 10mm-mesh is the perfect addition to the 10mm-mesh classifier. Designed to help refine your sieving.




The kit includes a set of accessories that will assist you in collecting, identifying and storing your gold finds: 2 mini tubes, a magnifier, a vial, a pipette, and a 150ml suction bottle.




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