Below are some frequently asked questions with their answers.  If you are unsure of anything at all please feel free to email, text or call 548 888-2407 forestcitymetaldetectors@gmail.com

Free Shipping?

Shipping is free on all orders over $200 before taxes (Within Canada).  We ship Canada Post Expedited Parcel which is an upgrade from regular parcel.  Where economical we will also ship with Loomis Express to achieve a quicker delivery.  Tracking will be provided

Which Detector Should I Choose?

There are so many options and everyone has an opinion.  Email us this question and we will reply with the top selling detectors in each price category along with the reasons why we prefer each one


The warranty on the detectors is with the manufacturer directly.  We can support with the communication and direct you through the process should a need arise.  Again ask us for the warranty information for a specific product and we will direct you to the information on the manufacturer website.  We will always offer our support.

How do we know this business is legitimate?

We welcome everyone to join our Facebook group, Instagram page to gain a level of trust with us.  We have hundreds of friends/customers with their reviews of our company and you'll be able to ask for opinions, see what others are finding in your area and join an awesome community of detectorists.

Can I pick up in person?

Absolutely we've opened a retail location in Newbury Ontario.  Hours available in the Contact Us section or on Google