Quest Scoopal

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Quest Scoopal is an excellent addition to a beach and shallow water detecting tool kit. Scoopal is made for the avid treasure hunter and digs right into the target area allowing sand and pebbles to sift away through ½ — inch diamond pattern holes revealing items hiding beneath the surface of the beach or in the water. Made from 1.4 mm 304 stainless steel, this unit is durable and lightweight at only 2 pounds 4 ounces. The Quest sand scooping basket features a toe-friendly round nut, comfortable angle for stepping and two U bolts for the addition of a handle, which is available as a separate purchase. Overall measurements are 30 cm x 14.5 cm x 12 cm making Scoopal easy to pack and carry.


  • 30cm x 14.5cm x 12cm
  • 2lb 4oz light weight
  • 1.4 mm 304 stainless steel
  • 1/2" diamond pattern holes
  • Easy to step on a ccomfortable angle
  • 2 U bolts for install handle
  • Toe friendly round nut


Handles shown in pictures are not included

  • Manufacturer SKU 1607.101
  • Manufacturer Quest