PTG Pinpointer End Protector 3 Pack

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The PTG Pinpointer End Protectors are compatible with Garrett Pro Pointer AT, Garrett Pro Pointer II, Minelab ProFind 15/20/35/40. They are not compatible with the XP MI-4/6 or the Nokta AccuPoint.

These are a snug fit and will take a little effort to apply them. once they are on, the tip of the pinpointer will be protected from wear and tear

For Shape Round
Cap Type Push On
Flexibility Flexible
Profile Straight
For OD 3/4"-13/16"
Inside Height 3/4"
Material Vinyl Plastic
Maximum Temperature 180° F
Color Black
RoHS Not Compliant
REACH Not Compliant

Slide these flexible vinyl caps on and they conform for a snug fit.