Nokta Legend Handbook

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This handbook by Andy Sabisch contains the information that will help you quickly master The Legend.

Nokta Detection Technologies The Legend brings Simultaneous Multi-Frequency operation and high-end performance to detectorists worldwide.

The Legend handbook contains the information you need to help[ you quickly master the Legend and unlock all of the performance it is capable of in the field.

Whether you already own The Legend or are still considering purchasing one, you will find this book to be an invaluable resource that was assembled from actual, in-field experience by veteran users from around the world. Even if you have been using the Legend since it was released in 2021, just one or two new ideas or tips gleaned from the pages of this book can give you the edge over the competition enabling you to find what others have missed.

Some topics covered include:

  • ​Build a solid foundation by learning what every function and control does and when to adjust it
  • How to get the maximum performance with a minimum of adjustments
  • Benefit from proven tips & techniques provided by experienced users from around the world for a range of application
  • Learn how to search for and find lost coins, jewelry, relics, and more on both land and in the water
  • Accessories that can help you find more, protect your investment, and enjoy your time in the field