Motley Forest Fox Serrated Travel Shovel

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The Motley Digging Shovel is unique in the world of shovels! It’s the first travel concept shovel which means its completely adjustable to any length you like.

We have developed 3 different shovels for any of the circumstances you detect, with the ForestField and Park blades.

The blade of the shovel is cold-pressed and then heat treated which makes it stiff and extremely strong. We then added the Motley Easy Grip D-handle and finished it with a hexagon laser-cut design to reduce weight.

So, take your Motley Digging shovel to a field, meadow, forest or park. Detect your treasure and start digging.

  • Shovel Dimensions: 66 cm to 100 cm or 26 to 39 inches in length 18cm / 7.08-inch blade width 20cm / 7,87-inch blade height
  • Handle dimensions: 13 cm / 5.11-inch width 11.5 cm / 4.72 inch.
  • Handle type: D-shape
  • Adjustable handle length 100cm / 39,37 inch to 66cm / 26 inch
  • Shovel Weight: 1930 grams / 68.07 ounces
  • Made of 2mm high-grade heat-treated steel, sandblasted
  • Motley Powdercoating finish
  • All-terrain shovels especially for use in forests or fields
  • Stealth shape bent blade for better release and CNC sharped edges
  • Travel concept (fits in your suitcase, backpack, bike, boat, car, canoe)
  • Handle grip and blade are in a forward-angled position designed so you use less energy for digging
  • Special hexagon laser cut footplates and 2-way blade, larger surface
  • Quick release easy clamp to adjust your shovel in any length