MONSTRIK-710 Bundle with Pole

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Choose your pole! With the MONSTRIK-710, you can choose the Stainless steel or carbon fiber as a discount bundle. See all specifications below.

Large & Strong 1.25mm Stainless Steel Collapsible Travel Pole Handle for Sand Scoop


  • Made of  stainless steel 1.0 mm.
  • Universal Model  is suitable with All models of Our Scoops instead :
    • SKU: 010016, 010017 (Scout v1, Scout v2)
    • SKU: 010014, 010015 (Pelican v1, Pelican v2)
  • With All other models This Pole is suitable.

LENGTH: 45″/115 cm (with Aluminum handle)
DIAMETR: 1.2″/30.3-30.55 mm
WEIGHT: about 1 kg


NEW 2024 Model Line. Light weight & Heavy Duty Travel Carbon Fiber Pole Handle

FEATURES: Universal Model  is suitable with All models of Our Scoops.


Made of Quality Carbon Fiber 2.0mm
DIAMETR: 1.2″/30.55 mm.
FULL LENGTH: 47″/120 cm.

NEW 2024 Model Line. Sand Scoop “Monstrik 710” Medium Size. 1.5mm Steel. Combined 7-10mm Holes.


  • Made from high quality 1.5 mm stainless steel AISI 430. This type of stainless steel can easily be welded, it shows high characteristics of corrosion resistance in aggressive environments.
  • Used mixed 7mm and 10mm holes. Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry.
  • For production holes we used a Laser Machine cutting.
  • Other elements of scoop, including welding, polishing – Hand-Made Work and Performed at a HIGH LEVEL by OUR TEAM (COOB Workshop)
  • The front part has zone without holes, to strengthen the nose of the scoop due digging and to more easily identify small finds among sand or soil.
  • Improved fixation of top tube.
  • Added additional Stiffening rib to make scoop even more stronger and rigid.
  • The back wall is made stingy angle that provides convenience to stop foot and reduces the load on the hands.


  • LENGTH: 9″/230 mm
  • WIDTH: 6.25″/160 mm
  • HEIGHT: 4.3″/110mm
  • HOLES: Hexahedron 0.28″-0.4″/7-10mm
  • TOP HOLE ~ approx 1.2 inch / 30.5mm (Due handmade work internal diameter can vary within 1.2-1.225 inch /30.5-31.1mm). We strongly recommend use with this model our Poles by CooB or other poles with Diameter ~1.2 inch. Also you can use additionally electrical tape as sealing layer on your poles.
  • WEIGHT: approx ~ 1.75lb/0.8kg