Minelab Equinox Replacement Battery, Li-Ion 3.7V, <100WH, 5000MAH

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If you have been using your Minelab Equinox 600 or Equinox 800 and have noticed that the charge isn't lasting like it did right out of the box? it may be time to replace that battery. This is just the right product to DIY your own battery swap and save a little money. Make sure to be careful, because when any repair is done, you run the risk of voiding a warranty unless it is done by a Minelab dealer or authorized repair center. Read more from Minelab for full instructions on swapping out your battery.
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  • Quick Look Replace your worn out battery today, with this Equinox lithium-ion replacement battery from Minelab.
  • Manufacturer SKU 3011-0405
  • Manufacturer Minelab
  • Product Type Batteries
  • Battery Type Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Accessory Type Battery
  • Fits Minelab