White's M6 Detector

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Product Description

The M6 specializes in finding coins and jewelry with turn-on-and-go


It’s a high-performance, MXT-style detector that’s suitable for all

kinds of ground conditions and is equally at home in parks and yards,

playgrounds, and even at the beach. It’s simple to use with three

controls that all have easy-set labels and still offer full-range

maximum depth.

Seven tones audibly identify different targets, while the display shows

target labels, VDI numbers, and depth readings.

  • Adjustable Length: 45"-52"

  • All Metal Audio: Non-VCO

  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4 Headphone

  • Batteries: 8 "AA"

  • Battery Life: 40

  • Disc Audio: Threshold & Silent Search

  • Optional Coils: Eclipse Family

  • Standard Coil: 9.5"

  • Number of Presets: 3

  • Frequency: 14 kHz