GoFind 66

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High-Tech Metal Detector

Step up to the power, performance and ultimate technology of the GO-FIND 66. Go wild, find adventure like a pro.

The GO-FIND detector series has action, innovation and passion locked into every model. Unpack your all-new GO-FIND and get ready to fire up a world of adventure.

Advance your hunting to the next level. GO-FIND 66 is a serious, high-tech detector. It delivers precision, performance and maximum depth to unearth more treasure. Packs in a load of excitement and adventure, too. Hunt like a pro today.

Ignite Your Passion

Discover the thrill of treasure hunting with advanced yet easy to use technology at your fingertips.

Do Your Research

Before you start hunting, research the hot spots. Let your imagination go wild – treasure is everywhere.

Join Forces

Become a part of the treasure hunting community. Learn from passionate, like-minded others.

Treasure View

Know treasure from trash.

GO-FIND’s Treasure View feature lights up to tell you what’s trash or treasure down there. Get red LEDs, you’ve most likely found a nail or a key. Get green LEDs and you’ve found coins or jewelry. Dig away.


Be in control of your GO-FIND, anyplace, anytime. The GO-FIND app keeps you connected when you’re detecting miles from anywhere. Listen to your favorite music as you hunt, share your finds online and more.

GO-FIND with smartphone app. The future of treasure hunting in the palm of your hand.

There is the Standard App, which is free for GO-FIND 44 users. And the Pro App, which is free for GO-FIND 66 users. The Pro App is also available for GO-FIND 44 users through an ‘In-App Purchase’.

  • Identify common coins

  • View detector information & remote control the detector*

  • Listen to music and detect at the same time

  • Record your finds on Google Maps*

  • Customise detector and App tones

*Pro App only.

Camouflage Skins

We’ve got you covered.

Personalize your GO-FIND with easy to apply peel and press protective skins. Choose from two included skins to match the environment you’re hunting in.

Go Find Treasure

Solve mysteries, find your fortune and uncover treasure with the all-new GO-FIND detectors. Primed and ready for adventure-seeking detectorists of all ages.

Key Features


Superior Performance

Advanced technology and innovative features for performance to the MAX.

Compact & No Assembly

It’s easy. There’s nothing to assemble and no loose parts that can get lost.

Ultra Lightweight

At only 2.3 lbs (1.06 kg), it’s the lightest high-performance detector available*.

*Based on similar competitor offerings.

Easy-Trak Automatic

Auto ground-tracking reduces noise interference and maximises target signals.

Treasure View

Red = iron targets, likely trash

Green = non-iron targets, possibly treasure!




Collapsible Body

Find Modes


Search Coil

Large (10-inch waterproof coil)

Treasure View

5 LEDs




5 Levels


5 Volume Levels

Pinpoint Locating




Smartphone App

Pro Version

Smartphone Holder


Digging Tool





4 x AA Batteries (not inc.)

Length Collapsed

21.9 in / 555 mm

Length Extended

51.4 in / 1305 mm


2.3 lbs / 1.06 k