Fisher F19 LTD Bundle

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Product Description

F19 LTD Bundle Package (Fisher Camo Recovery Pouch, Fisher Camo Back Pack, Fisher Camo Cap, Control Box Rain Cover, Coil Cover)

The Fisher F19 LTD is a high performance coin/relic detector that comes standard with a 19 kHzr 10"x5" DD search coil. It will be the best relic detector ever!

Conquer iron-infested sites with Fe Tone - Adjustable Iron Audio, new enhanced V-Break Tone Discrimination system, Notch mode with adjustable Notch Width and a display backlight on/off feature.


  • FeTone, Adjustable Iron Audio
  • Enhanced V-Break, Tone Discrimination System
  • Notch Window with Adjustable Notch Width
  • Backlit Display (Backlight)
  • Computerized GROUNDGRAB, One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override
  • Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash
  • Continuous Ground Condition Readout:
    • Ground Phase value indicates type of mineralization
    • Fe3O4 graphic indicates amount of mineralization
  • Ground balance all the way to salt
  • Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator
  • 19 kHz Operation Frequency
  • Ultra-Lightweight


The Fisher F19 LTD Bundle Comes With The Following Accessories:


  • Fisher Camo Recovery Pouch
  • Fisher Camo Back Pack
  • Fisher Camo Cap
  • Control Box Rain Cover
  • Coil Cover