Classic 3K Twill - Equinox Carbon Shaft [LOWER]

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Manufacturer: DETECT-ED



Product Description:

The Land & Sea Carbon Shaft ‘Lower’ is a single piece to replace the lower rod of the stock Minelab Equinox shaft, ideal for underwater and land detecting.

This lower shaft is designed to be used in addition to the Detect-Ed Combo Set to allow for quick change between different the Equinox Coils.


- 100% Carbon Fiber 3K Twill Black Carbon with a matte finish, for greater scratch resistance.

- 50% Lighter Than stock Equinox lower shaft (50g vs 100g).

- Drainage System Easy drainage hole for water detecting and cleaning.

- Eliminates Coil Ear Wear Custom coil connector design significantly reduces Coil Ear wear which means your Coil Ears are less likely to snap.

- Make Switching Coils Easy! If you have multiple lower shafts fitted with your different Equinox coils, you can simply slide in and out your lower shafts to change coils, no more bolting, and un-bolting!



*rubber grommets not included. The new coil connector design makes the grommets protrude from the connector, eliminating wear on the coil ears and reducing the likelihood of them snapping.