*5GRANIK* Sand Scoop 2.0mm Steel/8mm Round Holes

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• Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel of 2.0 mm
• The back wall is made stingy angle that provides convenience to stop foot and reduces the load on the hands.
• The scoop has 2 Mounting Options for HANDLE
• Universal model. Works in water and dry sand. Ground conditions: any kind of sand, include silt and clay clogged. Easily penetrates into soil.Best with a small (5-7 “) coil.

LENGTH: 11.6″/295 mm
WIDTH: 5.9″/150 mm
HEIGHT: 5.12″/130 mm
HOLE: 0.31″/8 mm (round)
HOLES OF HANDLE (2 Mounting Options):
Top hole ~ about 1.1″/28mm
Front openning ~ about 0.4″/10mm
WEIGHT: about 1.15kg