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6" Double-D 18.75 kHz Coil

The most sensitive X-TERRA coil available, it is great for sub-gram nuggets, specimens and gold jewellery. Also ideal for shallow streams. Water proof: Submersible to 1 meter. Ideal for shallow water wading and shallow streams.

A Double-D coil has two overlapping wire windings in the shape of two D’s (one reversed). The characteristics of a Double-D coil are stability (especially in heavily mineralised ground), good depth, sensitivity and a very thorough search pattern.

When used with a GPX detector Double-D coils (as opposed to monoloop coils) are able to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous targets. They are also more stable when used on wet salt beach sand and in electrically noisy environments


X-TERRA 50, 70, 305, 505 and 705 detectors