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10.5" Round Double-D 18.75 kHz Coil

A Double-D coil has two overlapping wire windings in the shape of two D’s (one reversed). The characteristics of a Double-D coil are stability (especially in heavily mineralized ground), good depth, sensitivity and a very thorough search pattern.

When used with a GPX detector Double-D coils (as opposed to monoloop coils) are able to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous targets. They are also more stable when used on wet salt beach sand and in electrically noisy environments.

An ideal coil for beach work and open areas. This coil offers good depth and sensitivity as well as great stability in mineralized soils and beaches. Water resistant: May be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. Must not be submersed under water.

X-TERRA 50, 70, 305, 505 and 705 detectors