3.5x 1" Plastic Body Eye Loupe, Optical Glass Lens

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Tired of Eyestrain when you need to see the detail in the items you are working with? our 3.5X magnification eye loupe can help and is ideal for jewelers, coin collectors, stamp collectors, toolmakers, instrument assemblers, and other professions who need sharp, clear magnification without eye strain. 3.5X eye loupe is great for detailed precision work with unlimited uses unlimited use for home, office, hobby, fine detailed work, jewelry, watches and more 3.5X magnification lens provides excellent Clarity with minimal distortion compact and light weight dimensions: 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" power: glass lens magnification can be +/- 1X

• Glass Lens Diameter: 1”
• Plastic Body
• Power: 3.5x / 10 Diopter / Focal Length: 4”
• Objects will be 250% Bigger
• Unlimited Use of Home, Office, Fine Detailed Work, Jewelry Etc